• Diaphragm Pump on Hot Sale

    With the onset of spring, the snow melts on the mountains, water brings revitalization to nature, but at the same time, it interferes with work on the mountains. The diaphragm pump now plays an important role in that work. The pumps in our company have become the “star” ...
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  • New opportunities in China-Latin America

    LAC-China merchandise trade was almost perfectly stable in 2020. This is noteworthy in itself, as LAC GDP fell more than 7 percent in 2020 according to IMF estimates, losing growth of a decade. , and regional merchandise exports fell overall (United Nations 2021). However, due to stable trade wit...
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  • The situation of the Rock Drill machinery

    In the past two years, the rock drill of air leg drill with large impact power on the market has increased, and the rock drill of part of high-quality one-shaped bit and small diameter button bit has increased. The small diameter button bit as the main product in brazing and steel tool industry s...
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